PROSALON CHANTAL PINK BLONDE Toning shampoo for hair 500g


Toning shampoo for toning blonde, bleached and gray hair. Its pink color gives blonde hair a pink-pastel shade. Thanks to the content of pigments, it allows you to get a beautiful, pearly glow. Already after the first application, the hair gains color, and with more frequent use, the intensity increases. The process of this type of toning is washable. The shampoo contains red Nori algae , thanks to which the hair is full of shine, without frizz. Grape extract, on the other hand, strengthens, stabilizes the color and prevents it from fading.

  •          Gives a beautiful pastel pink glow
  •          Eliminates unwanted yellow reflections
  •          Restores shine and vitality
  •          Prevents hair from frizzing
  •          Prevents color fading

How to use: Apply the right amount of shampoo to damp hair. Emulsify. Leave for 3-5 minutes depending on the desired effect. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Result: Beautiful, cool pastel pink shade of blonde hair.

ProSalon Chantal is a Polish company operating in the cosmetics industry since 1989. Based on its own original recipes, it has created professional products for hair care, coloring and styling. Expert experience led to the creation of a range of products mainly intended for hairdressing salons – Intensis , Color Art ProSalon , but also to the development of a brand for drugstore distribution – the Sessio care series and the Variete paint palette . The ProSalon brand can also boast of the innovative Hair series Biotic , i.e. trichological treatments that strengthen hair and prevent hair loss. ProSalon is a balanced price-quality ratio.

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