WELLA SP BALANCE SCALP Energy Serum with caffeine against hair loss 100ml

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WELLA SP BALANCE SCALP Energy Serum is an advanced product designed to fight the problem of hair loss. This innovative formula was created to counteract hair weakness and loss while stimulating the healthy growth of new strands. This highly effective serum contains a unique blend of active ingredients including biotin , caffeine , acid lauric acid and vitamins that work synergistically for the benefit of your hair and scalp. Biotin is a key ingredient for hair health. It supports metabolic processes in hair bulbs, strengthening them and preventing hair loss. Thanks to biotin, the hair becomes stronger, more resistant to damage and retains moisture better. Caffeine is an ingredient that stimulates microcirculation in the scalp, which in turn supports the supply of nutrients to the hair bulbs. This invigorating effect of caffeine helps to increase follicle activity, which can help stimulate new hair growth. Acid Lauric acid acts as a natural moisturizing and anti-inflammatory ingredient, helping to maintain proper scalp moisture levels and reducing irritation that can affect hair health. In addition, the vitamins contained in the serum provide the necessary nutrients to strengthen the hair from root to tip, giving it a healthy look and shine.

  •          It prevents hair loss
  •          It stimulates the growth of new hair
  •          Strengthens the hair
  •          Moisturizes the scalp
  •          Reduces irritation
  •          Convenient application

WELLA SP BALANCE SCALP Energy Serum is an irreplaceable product for everyone who struggles with the problem of hair loss and wants to restore their full shine and healthy appearance. Trust this advanced formula to rebuild the strength of your hair and enjoy beautiful, thick curls for a long time.

How to use: Massage a small amount of the product into the scalp and leave, do not rinse. In case of severe hair loss, use every day. Otherwise three times a week.

Result: Hair loss reduced, hair nourished, scalp soothed.

Wella Professionals is a brand that has existed for over 135 years. From the very beginning, it has specialized in the production of hair care, styling and coloring cosmetics. Its offer includes high-quality products for professional and home use. Advanced technologies used during production facilitate the application of cosmetics and make hair care simple, pleasant and effective.

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