LONDA PROFESSIONAL Londa Form forming lotion for coloured hair 1000ml


Londa Professional Londa Form forming lotion is used to give the structure and texture for colour treated hair. The Londa forming lotion creates a twist and volume that lasts up to 6-8 weeks. It is not suitable for highlighted and bleached hair.

  • Creates a natural, regular curl
  • Increases the hair volume
  • Has a delicate, safe formula
  • The effect lasts for 6-8 weeks

Londa Form forming lotion contains a delicate formula of Aqua Care Complex, the fluid creates permanent curls while keeping them in a good shape. The forming lotion protects the hair fibres from damage. The hair retains flexible and it is full of radiance. The active ingredients included in the forming liquid protect them from drying.

How to use: Apply the forming lotion on clean, damp hair, rolled into rollers for permanent curls. The holding time depends on the desired level of curls. Rinse thoroughly. Set the hair with Londa Londalock C perm lotion.

Result: Naturally curled with textured hair.

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Londa Professional is a German brand that belongs to Wella Group. Londa is very well known and trusted brand on international market for their hair colouring products. The brand believes in feel good beauty vision, in power of contributing communities to change the world. Londa uses innovative technologies combined with modern design and makes the highest quality products at affordable prices.

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