ilū 109 Angled Foundation Brush


This Angled Foundation Brush is a real miracle worker. The unique shape of the bristles makes it convenient to use in harder to reach areas, e.g . around the eyes and nose, without leaving streaks. It is ideal for applying foundation by patting it gently into the skin to achieve streak free, seamless coverage without imperfections. The result is smooth, healthy looking skin.

Dense, taklon bristles guarantee natural looking skin while building good coverage. The 109 Angled Foundation Brush has an ergonomic shape, and angled bristles which retain their properties and are resistant to disinfectants.

The lacquered wooden handle and silver coloured copper ferrule are long lasting, scratch resistant and easy to clean.

What will make you fall in love with this Angled Foundation Brush?

  •          Round shape and dense, angled bristles ensure even foundation application,
  •          High quality synthetic taklon bristles are durable,
  •          Ideal brush for applying liquid and cream foundations,
  •          Can be disinfected,
  •          Made with copper ferrule,
  •          Lacquered wooden handle in timeless color.


How to care for your brush?

Remember to wash your brushes regularly. Wash your brush with warm water  and mild detergent. Avoid getting water on the wooden handle. After rinsing, form the bristles into their original shape, and allow the brush to dry in a vertical position with bristles facing down.

The ilū by Tools For Beauty products were created from passion for beauty and new trends. These exceptional makeup and hair styling accessories are made from vegan materials and are designed with utmost care to be functional and comfortable to use.

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