PRORASO WHITE Soothing Saving Soap 150ml


Proraso White shaving soap for daily care of sensitive skin prone to irritation. The White Proraso line is enriched with green tea and oats. Free from parabens, silicones, artificial colourants or mineral oils. Fruity aroma of apple and lime.

  •          Facilitates shaving
  •          Ensures good lubrication
  •          Efficient lather
  •          Soothes irritations
  •          Protects against redness
  •          Moisturises and smooths skin
  •          Fruity aroma of apple and lime

Contains oats extract recommended for sensitive skin, which has a soothing, anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties. It soothes and accelerates regeneration. Green tea extract gently cleanses and refreshes, fights bacteria and free radicals, thus delaying the ageing process.

How to use: Wet brush with warm water. Squeeze about 2cm of the soap on the brush and spread it on the skin in circular motions. Shave as usual.

Result: Moisturised, soothed and smooth face. Easy, fast and pleasant shave without irritation.

We recommend using other products from Poraso White to complement daily hair care.

Proraso is an Italian brand offering a wide range of traditional shaving products. Based on natural plant extracts, the cosmetics nourish and soften facial hair also taking care of the skin condition. The brand offer has a wide range of product lines coded with different colours, each having a different set of active ingredients and dedicated to different type of facial hair and skin.


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