Londa Professional Velvet Oil Conditioner 250 ml


Velvet Oil conditioner is suitable for all hair types and lengths. It is recommended for systematic, even daily use. With its well selected combination of active ingredients, it does not weigh hair down.

  • Nourishes hair and stimulates its regeneration
  • Effectively smooths hair and adds shine
  • Gives softness and lightness
  • Protects hair from frizz

It contains argan oil and Vitamin E, which together show strong repairing, nourishing and anti-ageing properties. Argan oil intensely regenerates any gaps on hair’s surface, increases moisturisation level and adds softness, while Vitamin E protects from the harmful effect of free radicals.

How to use: Apply a small amount to damp hair, previously washed with Velvet Oil. Massage delicately, then rinse thoroughly.

Result: Intensely nourished, fortified and revitalized hair.

We recommend using other Londa beauty products suitable for your hair’s needs to complement daily care.

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