Londa Professional Velvet Oil 100 ml


Multipurpose, nourishing hair oil deeply moisturizes, strengthens and regenerates dry and weakened hair. Instantly restores its vitality and energy. The delicate formula based on natural components does not add weight to the hair. It makes your hair soft and visibly rejuvenated.

  • Facilitates combing
  • Contains natural components
  • Restores energy and healthy look to your hair
  • Provides a lightweight styling
  • Protects the hair from hot-air and UV rays
  • Nourishes and regenerates the hair from the inside
  • Inhibits aging of hair
  • Intensely softens, moisturizes and strengthens hair
  • Instant results
  • Deeply restores damaged hair

Panthenol effectively moisturizes and strengthens individual strands of hair, while argan oil deeply regenerates them.

How to use: Apply a small amount of the product to damp hair. Do not rinse.

Result: The hair looks younger. It is rebuilt, regenerated and silky soft.

Best results are achieved by using the nourishing hair oil with other products from the same range.

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