K18 PEPTIDE PREP Detoxifying shampoo for hair 250ml


Peptide hair detoxifying shampoo Prep provides the strands with a sensational and very thorough cleansing. It is perfect especially for hair subjected to frequent styling and care treatments or for people struggling with excessive sebum secretion and the problem of rapid oily hair. The product restores the proper pH balance to the strands , perfectly smoothes them and closes the cuticles. The cleansing effect of the shampoo is provided by ingredients of plant origin. The cosmetic gently moisturizes the hair without weighing it down. In its composition, it contains the patented K18 Peptide ™ with caring properties. The product works great before starting various types of hairdressing treatments.

  •       It cleanses
  •       Detoxifies
  •       cares
  •       Restores the pH balance
  •       Moisturizes
  •       Does not burden
  •       Smoothes
  •       It closes the scales

How to use: Apply a small portion of the shampoo to damp strands and massage thoroughly until foam is obtained. Then rinse with plenty of water and proceed to the next stages of care.

Result: Perfectly cleansed hair. Restored pH balance .

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K18 Hair is a completely new category of hair products using biomimetic care that reverses the damage caused by bleaching, dyeing, heat styling, while rebuilding individual hair fibers at the molecular level.

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