ilū Makeup Sponges, Set of 3


This set contains three makeup sponges made of flexible, soft foam will help you achieve a natural and flawless makeup. A standard size makeup sponge, a medium sized sponge for more precise application and a mini sponge for concealer are a real must have!

The raindrop shaped makeup sponges are great for applying liquid and creamy products. They provide fast, easy and precise makeup application like foundation and concealer. The makeup applied with beauty sponge will mesh with your skin and create a flawless and natural looking complexion. 

Reasons to fall in love with ILU makeup sponges:

  •         Perfectly shaped
  •         Flexible and soft
  •         Available in many different colours
  •         Adapt to the shape of the face
  •         Latex free
  •         Do not absorb lots of product
  •         Do not stain and long lasting

How to use ILU makeup sponge:

1. Soak the sponge in lukewarm water and squeeze to remove the water excess

2. Apply a small amount of makeup product and gently dab on the skin. Blend it with stippling motions.

3. The sponge tip is recommended for precise application under eyes and around the nose, while the round side blends the foundation on larger areas of the face.  When finished, you can enjoy a flawless, natural and even looking complexion.

4. Clean the sponge after each use with warm water and gentle detergent.  Leave it to dry.

Ilū is a brand of makeup, hair and nails accessories developed from the passion for beauty and desire of following the new trends. The products have been made from vegan raw materials and designed with the highest care for comfortable and functional use. The product portfolio combines excellent properties with affordable prices and it is suitable for everyone, who values the high quality and innovative design.

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