FANOLA FREQUENT Shampoo for frequent use 350ml


The Fanola Frequent shampoo was designed for daily care of every hair type. Its formula ensures hair’s balanced condition and helps to maintain its natural pH.

  •          Effectively cleanses hair
  •          Does not damage hair
  •          Strengthens hair and adds shine
  •          Nourishes scalp
  •          Blood circulation stimulation
  •          Supports healthy hair growth
  •          Optimum pH level – 5.5/6.0

It contains gentle surfactants that ensure proper care even for sensitive scalp. Orange extract rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoids improves the condition of the scalp stimulating blood microcirculation and hair growth. It also combats skin problems such as dandruff.

How to use: Apply to wet hair. Massage into hair, then rinse thoroughly. If necessary, repeat.

Results: Cleansed, strengthened, and healthy-looking hair. Nourished scalp

We recommend using other Fanola products tailored to your hair’s needs to complement the regular care.

Fanola is an Italian brand of products for hair care, colouring and styling. From the very beginning its aim has been to provide a wide range of professional products and technical support for hair salons, available at attractive prices. Various cosmetic lines in Fanola’s offer guarantee that everyone will find products suitable for their needs.

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