EKO-HIGIENA Foil gloves size M 100pc pack.


Hand protection plain plastic gloves. Perfect for wherever high hygiene of both hands and objects which are being touched needs to be maintained. Plastic gloves are widely used, e.g. in the food industry, commerce or in contact with food.

  •          Protect hands from contamination
  •          Isolate skin from external factors
  •          Protect skin from chemicals
  •          Universal application
  •          Very thin and light
  •          Transparent
  •          Latex free

Plastic gloves provide effective mechanical protection against chemicals. Also they do not absorb moisture, but their loose structure prevents adhering tightly to the hand.

Results: Well protected hands and skin.

Eco-Hygiene is a brand manufacturing and distributing single-use products for cosmetics and hairdressing salons. The accessories included in the company’s portfolio secure the working area for body and hair treatments, and provide comfortable and hygienic conditions for the client.

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