ARTDECO High Precision Liquid Eyeliner 03 Brown 0,55ml


Create precise, thin lines with Artdeco Eyeliner. Like other eye make-up Artdeco cosmetics, it can be safely used with sensitive eyes or by contact lens wearers. Fragrance-free formula.

  •          Draws precise lines
  •          Intensive colour pigments
  •          Long-lasting effect
  •          Does not smear or fade
  •          Fragrance free

Very thin with a precise tip made of elastic fibres, which make it smoothly slide on the eyelid and distributes the product uniformly.

How to use: Draw the line next to the lash line starting from the inner corner of the eye. Finish it by pulling up slightly towards the end of the brow line. To obtain a thicker line just press the tip of the eyeliner to eyelid during application.

Results: Dramatic, precise, lasting eye make-up.

We recommend using in combination with other Artdeco make-up products that allows creating the perfect daily make-up.

Artdeco is a German brand of professional cosmetics offering basic make-up products along with a wide selection of make-up cosmetics for the eyes, lips, and nail care. Innovative components and high quality guarantee full customer satisfaction.


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