FANOLA FAN TOUCH WANNA STRAIGHT Smoothing hair cream 195ml

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Fanola Fan Touch Wanna Straight is a smoothing hair cream, created for those who want to achieve flawlessly smooth hair without any difficulty. This innovative formula was developed by experts to ensure intensive smoothing and taming of even the most unruly strands.

Thanks to its light, silky texture, the cream gently envelops each hair, moisturizing it and providing unparalleled softness. Without weighing down or weighing down the hair, Fan Touch Wanna Straight provides long-lasting protection against frizz and static electricity.

Its unique formula contains active ingredients that penetrate deep into the hair structure, strengthening it from the inside and giving it a healthy, shiny appearance. Additionally, this cream protects the hair against high temperatures, which are necessary when styling with a straightener or hair dryer.

  •          Prevents hair from frizzing
  •          Provides light, flexible hold
  •          Smoothes and straightens them
  •          Tames unruly strands
  •          Speeds up and facilitates drying
  •          Nourishes and softens hair
  •          Gives them shine

Fanola Fan Touch Wanna Straight is not only a styling product, but also a care treatment for your hair. Thanks to it, your hairstyle will become not only perfectly smooth, but also healthier and more well-groomed than ever before. Let your hair feel the touch of luxury and make it your greatest asset every day.

How to use: Apply a small amount of the product to dry or damp hair and style your hair as you wish.

Result: Perfectly smooth hair.

Fanola is an Italian brand of hair care, coloring and styling products. From the beginning, its goal was to create a wide network of professional product and technical support for hairdressing salons while maintaining attractive product prices. Various lines of cosmetics offered by Fanola guarantee that every customer will find a product suitable for themselves and the needs of their hair.

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