TIGI BED HEAD MANIPULATOR Hair modeling paste 30g

10.49 inc. VAT

Do you like your hair to be disciplined and looking stylish all day long? Regardless of whether you like tousled strands in an artistic disorder or orderly and precisely styled – hair modeling paste will be an indispensable cosmetic and will give you a great look at any time, all in a few minutes!

How does TIGI modeling hair cream work?

  •          Fixes hairstyle,
  •          Does not stick hair,
  •          Provides a natural styling effect,
  •          Does not make the strands greasy and does not weigh it down,
  •          Optically thickens hair and adds shine,
  •          Dedicated to short and medium length hair,
  •          It guarantees a very strong hold of the hairstyle.

How to use: Rub in a small amount of paste and style the hairstyle as you like. The cosmetic can be used on both damp and dry hair.

Result: Hairstyle held for many hours. Hair tame and styled the way you like.

Discover the entire range of TIGI cosmetics to take care of your scalp and hair, adding shine and nourishment to them every day.

The TIGI company was founded in 1986 by four Mascolo brothers – descendants of the Italian hairdresser Franco Mascolo , whose client was, among others actress Sophia Loren . The uniqueness of TIGI products lies in the fact that they are created by professional hair stylists. Every year TIGI Creative Team presents new hairstyles collections that promote three key series of products of this exclusive brand – Bed Head , S – factor and Catwalk . When creating cosmetics, TIGI often uses non-traditional ingredients.

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