Kashōki Timeless Beauty Styling Brush, Ø 43 mm

24.48 inc. VAT

·         High Quality – The Kashōki luxury styling hairbrush is made of the best materials to meet the demands of professionals

·         Ceramic Body Shaped – This styling hairbrush has a specially designed concave shape to grasp hair well and lift it up from the base

·         Ionizing and Antistatic Properties – This hairbrush makes hair smooth and healthy after styling and ensures even heat distribution and reflection of the hair from the roots

·         Ergonomic Handles – The handle enables professionals to work comfortably

·         Temperature – The hairbrush can resist heat up to 220 ° C

The Kashōki professional luxury styling hairbrush has a diameter of 43MM and it’s great for styling hair. Its distinguished design, timeless colors and excellent properties make it unique and perfect for home use and also for professional styling of all hair types and lengths. This hairbrush has a concave designed ceramic barrel with ionizing nylon bristles and its antistatic properties make the hairbrush resistant to temperatures up to 220 ° C. Its ergonomic handle enables professionals to work comfortably.

Tools For Beauty is a brand that offers high-quality makeup and hair styling accessories.The Kashōki luxury line has makeup, hair and nails accessories. It has been designed with attention to every detail and inspired by the exotic, mysterious and contrasting Asian culture. The products combine geometric patterns, minimalist forms and noble materials with the well-considered purpose, ergonomics and each element technology. Kashōki is a product collection, of which a multidimensional perfection changes the look and standards of makeup accessories. During the production process, they used the highest quality of materials such as copper, wood, taklon bristles and stainless steel.



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