SAKAI MARVEL hairdressing stool , black, size S

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Sakai saddle chair Marvel was developed for the needs of beauty professionals. In the Sakai Saddle Seat , you achieve an ergonomic posture and reduce the workload, including stress on your back and shoulders. With different size options, height adjustments and a wider seat, the Marvel is a saddle chair for every hairdresser.

Available in three height options: short, medium and long

The short one extends so low that it is suitable for a pedicure and as an office chair.

Medium is best suited for people with a height of 155-170 cm.

Long is best suited for people 165-185 cm tall.

  •          Seat height:
  •          Short 50-62 cm
  •          Average length 57-76 cm
  •          Length 59-83 cm

Saddle dimensions: total width 43 cm, width 20 cm at its narrowest point, total depth 35 cm

Sakai saddle chairs have a metal, durable star-shaped foot. The wheels turn well even on hard floor surfaces such as ceramic tiles and laminates.

  •          easy rolling wheels
  •          seat height adjustment
  •          durable metal base
  •          12-month warranty “

Sakai is a manufacturer whose high-quality hairdressing furniture can be used for a long time. Refinement in terms of the customer’s convenience and the efficient work of the hairdresser makes these products eagerly chosen by professionals.

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