INVISIBOBBLE SPRUNCHIE Set of British Royal scrunchies Queen for a Day 2pcs

15.16 inc. VAT

If you want to comb your hair quickly and effectively and create a minimalist hairstyle with a ponytail, get the right set of high-quality elastics that will not crush your hair or break the strands, creating an effective pin-up and showing your strands a lot of delicacy. That’s what Invisibobble ® elastics are!

How do Invisibooble erasers work ?

  •          They do not tear or squeeze the traces on the strands,
  •          They create a springy ponytail without jerking the strands,
  •          They are easy to use and have good build quality,
  •          The minimalist look fits any styling,
  •          The set includes 6 iconic spiral elastics in two color versions (burgundy and pink) and a golden, elegant and smooth rubber eraser from the classic series.

How to use: Tie a ponytail with a rubber band as you like and enjoy the finished hairstyle all day long.

Result: Tame strands, finished hairstyle and no torn strands!

Invisibobble ® hair combing accessories to enjoy a beautiful and minimalist hairstyle every day without tiring your strands or tugging them when changing your hairstyle.

Invisibobble ® brand offers stylish and extremely functional hair accessories based on the innovative HAIRLOVETECH technology . All products in the portfolio do not leave marks on the hair, do not pull or damage the hair. The Invisibobble ® brand is available on all continents and is suitable for all hair types and types.

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