NACOMI Argan oil night cream 30+ 50ml


Nacomi Argan oil night cream is recommended for normal and dry skin and skin with first signs of ageing. It is suitable for every evening use and it is dedicated to people over 30 years of age. The cream has nourishing and repairing properties. Nacomi products formulas is completely natural; silicone, paraben, SLS / SLES free.

  • Moisturizes and nourishes the skin
  • Protects the skin from over drying
  • Smoothens the fine line and wrinkles
  • Improves the skin tone
  • Increases the skin resistance to external factors

Nacomi Argan oil night cream contains an argan oil, which moisturizes, regenerates and smoothens the skin. It also has antioxidant properties, it protects from free radicals by delaying the aging process. The hyaluronic acid maintains a proper hydration level, keeping the skin firm and young looking.

How to use: Apply the cream on the clean, dry face and massage it in.

Result: Moisturized, smooth and even looking complexion.

We recommend using other Nacomi products suitable to your skin type.

Nacomi is a Polish brand of natural cosmetics for face, body and hair care. It has been founded and active on the market since 2012. Nacomi formulas are based on high quality ecological and organic raw materials. The products are handmade and safe to use. Currently, the brand offers a wide selection of products for women, men and children. Nacomi is vegan friendly and cruelty free.

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