MAYBELLINE TATTOO BROW Eyebrow pomade 03 Medium Brown


The Maybelline Tattoo Brow pomade helps to emphasize and unify the eyebrows throughout the day. It is delivered with a convenient double-sided applicator.

  • Underlines brow lines
  • Allows giving eyebrows the right shape
  • Fills in any gaps and evens brow colour
  • Subtle matte finish
  • It does not peel or smudge
  • Stays on skin for up to 24 hours
  • Waterproof

Double-sided applicator with a slanted tip to apply the product on the one end, and a spiral brush to style the eyebrows on the other.

How to use: Apply in a small amount on clean, dry eyebrows. If necessary, create a gradual effect. To make your brows look natural, draw diagonal lines in the direction your eyebrows grow. Finally, comb your eyebrows with the spiral brush.

Result: Precisely defined, filled, uniform eyebrows with a lasting colour.

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Maybelline New York is a leader on the cosmetics market in the US. For years, it has absorbed current trends in the world of fashion. Maybelline is inspired by contemporary, confident women. Its aim is to underline women’s natural beauty. Advanced, innovative formulas guarantee high quality make up products and nail varnishes.

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