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Freeshape Modeling Paste is the perfect product for those who want to create a variety of hairstyles and experiment with their style. This innovative modeling paste allows complete freedom of shaping and gives the hair texture, control and elasticity. The modeling paste was created to create unique hairstyles. Its unique formula allows you to easily control and shape your hair, allowing you to create both precise, defined styles and looser, more natural looks .

Thanks to the texture of the paste, your hair gains volume and durability. The paste gives the hairstyle a three-dimensional effect and ensures long-lasting fixation, without the effect of sticking or heaviness. You can experiment with different styles, from expressive and dynamic to delicate and subtle.

  •          It has a dense uniform consistency
  •          Medium fixing power
  •          Gives a flexible shape
  •          Slightly matte effect
  •          Perfect for short hairstyles
  •          Resistant to external factors

The modeling paste is easy to use. A small amount of the product is enough to get the desired effect. The paste spreads evenly through the hair, leaving no visible marks or a compact look. You can adjust the styling during the application, giving you full control over your hairstyle. HAIR MANYA Modeling Paste is also moisture resistant, meaning your style will last even when the weather changes. Regardless of weather conditions, the paste provides protection and keeps the hairstyle in perfect shape throughout the day.

How to use: Rub a small amount in your hands to warm the paste, then apply to dry hair and style as desired. To distribute the product throughout the hair, rub it in the palm of your hand. To finish the details – rub only on the fingers.

Result: Fixed, maintained and smoothed hairstyle.

The Italian company Kemon is one of the most popular brands offering professional hair cosmetics. It combines natural herbal and plant ingredients with modern production technologies. Hair line Manya offers cosmetics for permanent and creative hair styling, which at the same time care for them and intrigue with interesting fragrances and unusual shapes of packaging.

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