K18 PEPTIDE PREP PH Maintaining shampoo 250ml


Shampoo for daily care K18 will effectively clean your hair and take care of its condition. Active substances of plant origin gently but effectively remove excess sebum , impurities and styling residues.

  •          It cleanses the hair of impurities and styling residues
  •          Moisturizes and nourishes
  •          Regenerates and strengthens the hair
  •          Gentle on the scalp
  •          Ph at 4.0
  •          Hair growth stimulating effect
  •          Safe for colored hair
  •          Vegan product

The product contains the K18PEPTIDE peptide , which effectively rebuilds the hair from the inside. Thanks to this, it restores their healthy appearance and healthy condition. The shampoo does not cause irritation and does not dry out damaged hair. It works gently on the scalp, so it can be used daily, also for colored hair.

How to use: Massage a small amount of the product into damp hair. Rinse thoroughly. The shampoo is suitable for everyday use.

Result: Strengthened, nourished and maximally moisturized strands after the first application.

Get to know the entire series of hair care cosmetics to professionally carry out multi-stage regeneration of damaged hair – and all in the privacy of your home!

K18 Hair is a completely new category of hair products using biomimetic care that reverses the damage caused by bleaching, dyeing, heat styling, while rebuilding individual hair fibers at the molecular level.

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