ilū Makeup Brush Cleaner, Hot Pink

4.30 inc. VAT

It is recommended to thoroughly clean your makeup brushes so they can be safely used on your skin. This is why we have made this cute little makeup brush cleaner. With it, you can easily remove any makeup residue from both natural and synthetic bristles. All you need to do is to moisten your brush, apply gentle detergent and rub the bristles gently on the surface of the cleaner. Great results guaranteed!

What will make you fall in love with this makeup brush cleaner:

  •              The multi-textured surface allows to thoroughly clean the bristles,
  •              Suitable for face, eye and lip makeup brushes,
  •              Can be safely used for makeup brushes with synthetic and natural bristles,
  •              Original heart shape,
  •              Available in pretty hot pink color.


The ilū by Tools For Beauty products were created from passion for beauty and new trends. These exceptional makeup and hair styling accessories are made from vegan materials and are designed with utmost care to be functional and comfortable to use.

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