MIMO Silicone makeup brush drying rack, Pink

5.21 inc. VAT

This drying rack for makeup brushes turns out to be an indispensable accessory right after first use. Convenient slots allow to safely hang the brushes with bristles pointed downwards, so that they can dry thoroughly without the risk of deformation. The rack is made of silicone and can be attached to smooth, laminated surfaces and also tiles and marble.

  •          Convenient slots to hold the brushes
  •          Leaves no traces on surfaces
  •          Allows to safely dry makeup brushes
  •          To be used on tiles, marble, laminated and other smooth surfaces.
  •          Made of silicone
  •          Unique design
  •          Perfect for traveling

How to use: Attach the rack to smooth, vertical surface and place washed brushes in it, with the bristles facing down. Leave them to dry.

Result: Clean, dry brushes without deformed bristles.

MIMO brand offers makeup and nail styling accessories that are distinguished by unique design, functionality and good quality at attractive prices.



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