FANOLA WONDER NO YELLOW Color neutralizing mask for blonde hair 1000ml

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Mask for blonde, gray and bleached hair, helps to get rid of yellow tones. The purple pigment contained in the product helps to remove unwanted yellow reflections from the hair, while giving them a beautiful silver and shiny effect.

Factors such as the sun, hairdressing and styling tools can significantly weaken the delicate structure of blonde hair, affecting its shades, which can become yellowish over time. Used after shampooing Wonder No Yellow , Wonder No Yellow Mask leaves hair extremely soft, moisturized and shiny, with a beautiful cool shade. Wonder No Yellow The mask strengthens and prolongs the effectiveness of the anti-yellowing shampoo from the Wonder series, sealing the hair cuticles.

Wonder No Yellow products have been enriched with more caring ingredients to better protect the hair cuticle, prevent drying and chipping of dry ends.

  •          Perfect for blonde, super-bleached, bleached or gray hair
  •          Reduces unwanted yellow tones
  •          Strengthens and prolongs the action of the shampoo from the Wonder No Yellow series
  •          Vegan formula
  •          Acidic pH at 3.3/3.7

How to use: Apply the mask to damp hair washed with Wonder No Yellow shampoo . Spread it over the entire length of your hair. Leave the mask on for 3-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Use protective gloves during application.

Result: Nourished, shiny hair with a uniform, cool color.

We recommend using the offer of other Fanola products adapted to the needs of hair to complement care treatments.

Fanola is an Italian brand of hair care, coloring and styling products. From the beginning, its goal was to create a wide network of professional product and technical support for hairdressing salons while maintaining attractive product prices. Various lines of cosmetics in the Fanola offer guarantee that every customer will find a product suitable for themselves and the needs of their hair.

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