Kashōki Touch of Nature Wooden Paddle Brush

29.20 inc. VAT

For years wood has been considered hair friendly material, as it does not damage hair and reduces static. In addition, items made of wood are long-lasting and extraordinarily elegant.

Touch of Nature Wooden Paddle Brush gently yet effectively detangles and brushes even very thick and very long hair –thanks to the large body and high-quality natural and synthetic bristles. Natural boar bristles are made of keratin, and as a result, they close hair cuticles during brushing, giving hair healthy-looking shine. Nylon, ballpoint tips detangle hair strands and massage the scalp.


Features of the Touch of Nature wooden brushes:

  •             The brushes are made of beechwood,
  •             Nylon, ballpoint pins separate hair well and gently massage the scalp,
  •             Natural boar bristles provide shine and condition hair,
  •             Ionic properties help reduce frizziness,
  •             Ergonomic handle facilitates brushing,
  •             Eye pleasing, elegant design,
  •             Various shapes for all hair lengths.


The Touch of Nature Collection consists of three brushes for detangling hair of any length. They are crafted from carefully selected, highest quality materials, which combined with minimalistic design, make exceptional products.

Kashōki by Tools For Beauty products were inspired by Japanese style, which is distinguished by perfection of composition and minimalistic forms. The Collection consists of unique makeup and hair styling accessories that transform everyday rituals into sensual pleasure.

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