EKO-HIGIENA White vinyl gloves size S 100pcs pack.


Hand protection vinyl gloves. Perfect for wherever high hygiene of work needs to be maintained, including hair and nail salons. Additionally, the gloves protect hands against chemicals and biological agents. Vinyl gloves are an excellent alternative for rubber gloves.

  •          Protect the hands during treatments
  •          Protect skin from chemicals
  •          Protect skin against biological agents (e.g. blood)
  •          Less flexible than rubber gloves
  •          Comfortable to wear
  •          Powder-free
  •          Classic white colour
  •          Latex free

Made from PVC. They are more resistant to fatty substances than latex gloves, but they are soluble under the influence of solvents such as nail polish remover. They also have less mechanical resistance, for example, against puncture or tear. In addition, there are not very flexible, so be sure to choose the right size.

Results: Well protected hands and skin. Ensured safety at work.

Eco-Hygiene is a brand manufacturing and distributing single-use products for cosmetics and hairdressing salons. The accessories included in the company’s portfolio secure the working area for body and hair treatments, and provide comfortable and hygienic conditions for the client.

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