EKO-HIGIENA Disposable medical non-woven underlay 60×210 (20 pieces)

20.41 inc. VAT

If you are looking for the most hygienic and disposable solution for your clients and clients during massage or other medical or rehabilitation services, reach for special non-woven pads intended for use in offices.

What do disposable non-woven medical underpads work?

  •          They are fully hygienic and have a disposable purpose,
  •          They ensure comfortable performance of treatments, massages and examinations both at the doctor’s and in the cosmetology office,
  •          Delicate to the touch,
  •          They do not irritate the body,
  •          Durable,
  •          The skin does not sweat when in contact with them.

How to use: Spread the cushion on a bed or a couch and then start the treatments.

Result: Cosmetic treatments as well as examinations will be completely hygienic. The product is perfect for gynecological chairs, couches and medical beds as well as for massages in clinics, outpatient clinics and SPAs.

Discover cosmetic accessories from this well-known brand to enjoy healthy and beautiful skin every day!

Eco-hygiene is a company that has been producing, packaging and distributing disposable items for Hairdressing and Cosmetic Salons, Solarium and Healthcare Establishments for 11 years. The company produces, among others : towels, aprons, capes, epilation strips, salon cosmetics.

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