KEMON AND 44 VAMP SPRAY Hair spray 100ml

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Kemon And 44 Vamp spray is recommended for finishing and setting all hair types. The hairspray helps to instantly set and hold the hairstyle without weighing the hair down nor leaving any residue.

  •        Strongly sets and holds the hairstyle
  •        Provides a natural hair movement
  •        Has a quick-drying formula
  •        Does not leave any residue
  •        Easy to remove

For a long-lasting setting effect, it is recommended to use in conjunction with hairdryer.

How to use: Shake well before use. Apply to dry hair from approx. 30 cm.

Result: A firmly set, natural and flowy hairstyle.

We recommend the use of other Kemon And products to complement the hair styling.

Kemon is a family company with Italian roots, which has been producing professional hair care and hair styling products from over 60 years. The brand is distinguished by the respect for nature and the usage of natural plant active ingredients. The And line offers products for prepping, styling and finishing the hairstyle.

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