EKO-HIGIENA Disposable cosmetic caps (100 pieces) (K / 018 / 100F)

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If you want to precisely perform cosmetic procedures without staining your hair, it is worth using disposable cosmetic caps that will perfectly protect your head and hair from getting dirty from oils, cosmetics, masks and peelings. It is worth protecting your hair properly so that you can freely massage your face, apply cosmetics and masks or undergo various treatments.

How do disposable cosmetic caps work?

  •          They have an elastic rubber band,
  •          They are durable,
  •          They prevent the hair and head from getting dirty during cosmetic procedures.

How to use: If you have long hair, pin it up in a bun and then pull the cap over your head, making sure that all the strands are hidden under the elastic band.

Result: You can freely perform cosmetic treatments, massages and apply various products and scrubs, without worrying that your hair will be covered with a greasy film and dirty.

Discover cosmetic accessories from this well-known brand to enjoy healthy and beautiful skin every day!

Eco-hygiene is a company that has been producing, packaging and distributing disposable items for Hairdressing and Cosmetic Salons, Solarium and Healthcare Establishments for 11 years. The company produces, among others : towels, aprons, capes, epilation strips, salon cosmetics.

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