ARTEGO TOUCH FOREVER SMOOTH Hair straightening cream 250ml

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The product from the Touch series disciplines the hair for a long time and prevents it from frizz. Thanks to its precious ingredients, the hair remains silky, does not frizz and delights with its softness for 2-3 washes. Forever cream Smooth strengthens the hair, giving it shine and protecting it from moisture. Effectively helps to extend styling durability up to 48 hours and significantly reduces drying and styling time.

  •          Permanently straightens and smoothes hair
  •          It softens and adds a silky glow
  •          Prevents frizz

The cream is intended for professional use, recommended for natural, coarse and thin hair that requires straightening

How to use: The entire procedure should be used in conjunction with SLS-free products (series: Rain Dance, Good Society Intense Hydration ). Apply the product to towel-dried hair, after using SLS-free shampoo. Brush to spread the cream evenly. Leave for 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Apply the product and rinse again. To complete the disciplining action, dry your hair and straighten each strand with a straightener. For a naturally straight look, straighten small sections. We recommend that you do not wash your hair for the next 48 hours and do not perform this treatment on the day of performing technical treatments.

Result: Regenerated, soft, smooth and shiny hair.

The TOUCH collection combines carefully selected natural ingredients. All products in this line are paraben -free .

Check out the effects of Artego ‘s other hair care products for shine and nourishment every day. Provide your strands with hydration and a dose of beneficial natural ingredients quickly and efficiently, which will make your hairstyle beautiful and healthy.

Artego brand is an Italian brand founded in 2000 by specialists in the hairdressing industry. Their goal was to meet the needs of hair salons, which in their daily work focus not only on hair care and styling, but also passion, creativity, independence and freedom of expression. Thanks to this approach and the quality of the offered hair cosmetics, Artego quickly gained the trust of hairdressers and within a decade became a significant hairdressing brand, present in over a dozen countries around the world – including Poland.

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