CHI KERATIN Conditioner 355 ml


Conditioner for systematic use with dry and damaged hair. Due to strong regeneration properties it is especially recommended for hair exposed to adverse external factors.

  •        Rebuilds a hair internal structure
  •        Ensures long-term protection against harmful factors
  •        Strengthens and strongly regenerates
  •        Prevents brittleness
  •        Recovers appropriate moisture level

This conditioner contains keratin protein which assures long-term protection and smoothness. Additionally, owing to natural extractions and oils it makes hair retain appropriate amount of moist.

How to use: Apply evenly on wet hair, delicately rubbing the product in from hair roots up to its ends. Rinse.

Effect: Moisturised, strong and shiny hair.

It is recommended to use keratin conditioner in combination with other products belonging to CHI Keratin series, especially with shampoo and rebuilding mist.

CHI Keratin is a line of professional products for hair care. It is intended for hair damaged by chemical treatment, mechanical damage or environmental factors. Hair becomes healthy, strong and visibly smooth.

CHI Infra product line is intended for professional care aimed at maintaining proper moisture level of hair and scalp. With unique ingredients generating infrared, CHI products penetrate deeply into hair structure and help in maintaining a balance of moisture level and nourishment level, preparing hair professionally for further care.

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