BOURJOIS HEALTHY MIX Moisturizing face toning cream 001 Fair 30ml

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Do you like multi-purpose products with high efficiency? If you want to quickly improve the appearance and condition of your facial skin and at the same time you want a subtle and very delicate makeup, reach for the moisturizing toning cream from BOURJOIS. It will even out the color and take care of the complexion!

How does BOURJOIS Moisturizing Facial Toning Cream work?

  •          Provides low or medium coverage,
  •          Evens out the skin tone,
  •          Smoothes,
  •          Moisturizes the skin,
  •          Softens the skin,
  •          Improves the condition of the skin and provides a healthy radiant look,
  •          It contains vitamins C, E and provitamin P.

How to use: Spread with a brush or sponge and leave to absorb. Depending on how much cream we use, we will affect the final effect and the degree of coverage.

Result: The skin is smooth, uniform in color and intensely moisturized for up to 24 hours!

Bourjois cosmetics to create unique makeup for different occasions every day and enjoy a beautiful look!

Bourjois is a French beauty brand that dates back to the 19th century. Its creation was inspired by theatrical performances and the art of characterization, which is why these cosmetics were distinguished by rich colors and expressiveness. Currently, Bourjois products are known all over the world for their durability, high quality and interesting, colorful packaging.

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