Wella Professionals EIMI Dynamic Fix 45 Seconds Crafting Spray 500 ml

20.00 inc. VAT

Wella Professional EIMI Dynamic Fix 45 Seconds Crafting Spray fixes your hairstyle in 45 seconds!

Spray designed for styling all types of hair. Suitable for home and professional care.

  • Sets hairstyle quickly
  • Allows to flexibly sculpt hair
  • Hold level 2
  • Protects against humidity, UV rays and heat

With its light texture the spray does not burden the hair whilst adding lightness and flexibility. Multi-functional formula allows to create a desired hairstyle and its setting without the use of other styling products.

How to use: Spray on the hair from a distance of 20-30 cm. Immediately style as desired before the spray dries on the hair.

Result: Natural, reinforced and flexible hair.

It is recommended to use the product together with other care cosmetics in the EIMI range, including Body Crafter flexible spray and Sugar Lift spray.

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