Wahl Clipper Oil 118.3 ml

17.50 inc. VAT

Wahl clipper oil, thanks to its lubricating properties, ensures longer blade life by preventing wear. It is dedicated for maintaining cutting blades of all types of hair clippers and hair trimmers. Insufficient lubricating causes excessive heat during use.

  • The Oil helps in maintaining blade sharpness for a longer time
  • It improves blades’ cutting performance
  • Ideal for oiling blades
  • Prolongs blade life
  • Cools blades

For best result, apply regularly on cutting blades and friction elements. Blades wear down faster if not oiled, due to excessive friction.

How to use: Apply 2-3 drops of oil on clean and disinfected blades. Apply after each cleaning to ensure proper lubrication.

Result: Properly maintained clipper blades.

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