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Tigi Bed Head Style Keep It Casual is a sensational hairspray that will allow you to achieve the effect of a natural, casual hairstyle. This product is the perfect tool for creating a casual look that looks like you just got out of bed and your hair is perfectly styled without much effort. The hairspray is characterized by a light formula that does not weigh down the hair, while providing it with optimal control and durability. You can be sure that your styling will last all day, whether it’s light waves or free, natural curls.

One of the best features of this hairspray is its ability to add texture and volume to your hair. Thanks to this, your style will gain a casual, casual character that is so popular with many people. You can effortlessly create an effortless effect while still looking stylish and glamorous. The product does not leave unsightly marks or glued strands. Your hair will still be supple and soft to the touch, preserving its natural beauty.

  •          She perpetuated
  •          Adds volume
  •          Guarantees a natural effect
  •          cares
  •          Makes styling easier
  •          It does not stick and leaves no traces on the hair

How to use: Spray evenly on dry or slightly damp hair, then gently style it according to your preferred style. It can be used to fix an already arranged hairstyle and ensure its long-term durability.

Result: Perfectly held and full of volume hairstyle, resistant to moisture, without the effect of sticking or weighing down.

Discover the entire range of TIGI cosmetics to take care of your scalp and hair, adding shine and nourishment every day.

The TIGI company was founded in 1986 by four Mascolo brothers – descendants of the Italian hairdresser Franc Mascolo , whose client was, among others. actress Sophia Loren . The uniqueness of TIGI products lies in the fact that they are created by professional hair stylists. Every year, the TIGI Creative Team presents new hairstyle collections that promote the three key series of products of this exclusive brand – Bed Head , S- factor and Catwalk . When creating cosmetics, TIGI often uses non-traditional ingredients.

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