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If you want to fix your hairstyle for many hours and provide it with an attractive look without the need to correct your hairdo, it is worth getting the right hairspray, which will not only protect your hairstyle, but also smell beautiful and make your strands shine.

How does the extra strong TIGI BED HEAD hair spray work?

  •          Fixes hairstyle,
  •          Does not stick hair,
  •          Does not burden,
  •          Is invisible
  •          Has a pleasant exotic scent,
  •          It polishes the strands, giving them an elegant, stylish look.

How to use: Spray the modeled hairstyle 15 cm from the face (protecting the eyes) and wait until it dries. Ready!

Result: Enjoy a beautiful and long-lasting hairstyle for hours.

Discover the entire range of TIGI cosmetics to take care of your scalp and hair, adding shine and nourishment to them every day.

The TIGI company was founded in 1986 by four Mascolo brothers – descendants of the Italian hairdresser Franco Mascolo , whose client was, among others actress Sophia Loren . The uniqueness of TIGI products lies in the fact that they are created by professional hair stylists. Every year TIGI Creative Team presents new hairstyles collections that promote three key series of products of this exclusive brand – Bed Head , S – factor and Catwalk . When creating cosmetics, TIGI often uses non-traditional ingredients.

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