SELECTIVE HEMP SUBLIME Nourishing hair serum with hemp seed oil 100ml

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Selective Hemp Nourishing Elixir with Hemp Oil is an advanced care elixir that provides your hair with comprehensive nutritional therapy. The unique formula of this conditioner is based on valuable hemp oil , which brings extraordinary benefits for the health and beauty of your hair. Hemp oil is a key ingredient of the nutrient, rich in natural Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids . These valuable substances work on many levels, strengthening the structure of the hair, preventing its brittleness and loss, as well as preventing drying and dullness. Extremely rich composition is a real dose of health for your hair. Micronutrients such as iron , calcium , magnesium , potassium and phosphorus are crucial for maintaining the balance and proper functioning of the hair. They support nourishing and rebuilding processes, giving your hair elasticity and vitality. In addition, the vitamins (E, A, B, C ) contained in the elixir provide the scalp and hair with nutrients that help maintain their healthy appearance.

  •          It protects the hair against external factors
  •          Perfectly moisturizes and regenerates
  •          Smoothes and prevents frizz
  •          The hair becomes elastic and more susceptible to further styling

selective Hemp Nourishing Elixir with Hemp Oil is a unique product that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Its gentle yet effective formula makes your hair regain incredible softness, shine and strength. Give your hair the nourishing power of nature with Selective Hemp Elixir and enjoy the beauty of your hair every day.

How to use: Apply 1-2 doses of the product to washed and towel-dried hair, along their entire length and ends, do not rinse. It can also be applied to dry hair for additional discipline, conditioning and additional hydration. To enhance the moisturizing effect of Hemp Sublime , spread a few drops before shampooing your hair. Leave for a few minutes, wash your hair with Hemp Shampoo Sublime .

Result: Nourished and moisturized hair, protected hair ends.

We recommend using other Selective products designed for the selected type of hair and its needs. This will allow for comprehensive action to improve the condition and appearance of the hair.

Selective Professional is an Italian brand of professional hair care, styling and coloring products. Distributed to hair salons, it is intended for use in the daily work of hairdressers. The company was established in the town of Prato, where Tricobiotos laboratories – the manufacturer of the brand – are located . Selective products are present in over 40 countries, and have been available on the Polish market for 10 years.

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