SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL OSIS+ TEXTURE CRAFT Texturizing spray for hair styling 300ml

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Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Texture Craft is a unique texturizing spray that will take your styling to a whole new level. This innovative product is created for people who want to experiment with their own style, adding expressive character and natural movement to their hairstyle. Thanks to its advanced formula and special active ingredients, OSIS+ Texture Craft spray provides a light yet durable texture to your hair. It will add volume, emphasize waves or curls, and give the hair extraordinary shine and elasticity. This versatile texturizing spray is the perfect partner for both short and long hair. No matter the length or type of hair, OSIS+ Texture Craft allows you to create a variety of hairstyles, from expressive, shimmering styles to subtle beach waves. An additional advantage of this product is its ability to revitalize and refresh styling throughout the day. Without having to wash and style again, you can add a new dimension to your hairstyle by refreshing it with OSIS+ Texture Craft .

  •          Increases the volume
  •          Gives elasticity
  •          Does not stick and does not burden strands
  •          Optically thickens the hair
  •          It has a convenient formula

How to use: Spray on slightly damp or dry hair, and then freely style the hairstyle using your hand or a comb. OSIS+ Texture Craft will fix your styling, ensuring its durability without the effect of glued hair.

Result: Full of volume, thick, soft hair ready for further styling.

Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS+ Texture Craft is an invaluable product for everyone who appreciates freedom and creativity in hair styling. Express your individuality, experiment with different hairstyles and trust this revolutionary spray to keep your hair always looking glamorous.

Schwarzkopf Professional is one of the largest cosmetic companies on the global market. It is present in 125 countries around the world. The brand presents a wide range of hair care, styling and coloring products. Everyone will find cosmetics tailored to the needs of their hair. Hairdressers will also supply their hairdressing salons with products necessary for everyday work.

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