SAKAI WIN LUXE hairdressing stool , black, size M

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Sakai Win Luxe saddle has a two-piece seat and versatile adjustment options for individual seating comfort. You can tilt the seat back and forth and adjust the angle of the seat. You can also adjust the width of the seat to your dimensions. The inclination of the seat changes the position of the user’s hips and helps to maintain the roundness of the lumbar spine. Thanks to the adjustable width and angle of the seat part, the saddle seat is suitable for all users and does not burden the hip joints.

In the two-part seat of the Win seat chair , the weight is distributed over the bones of the seat, so there is no feeling of pressure in the perineum. The two-piece seat is suitable for men. Air circulation in the two-piece seat is improved, thus avoiding perspiration caused by the heat rising from the seat area. The genuine leather armchair is breathable and comfortable.

Available in three height options: short, medium and long.

The short one extends low enough for a pedicure and is good as an office chair.

Medium is best for people between 155 and 170 cm tall

Long is best suited for people 165-185 cm tall.

Seat height:

  •          Short 50-62 cm
  •          Medium 57-76 cm
  •          Long 59-83 cm

Sakai saddle chairs have a metal, durable star-shaped foot. Thanks to the innovative design of the patented non-clogging tires, hair does not stick to the wheels. The wheels turn well even on hard floor surfaces such as ceramic tiles and laminates.

  •          the wheels roll slightly and do not pick up hair
  •          seat height adjustment
  •          durable metal base
  •          12-month warranty “

Sakai is a manufacturer whose high-quality hairdressing furniture can be used for a long time. Refinement in terms of the customer’s convenience and the efficient work of the hairdresser makes these products eagerly chosen by professionals.

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