REUZEL Blue Grooming Cream 100ml

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Reuzel Blue Grooming Cream for styling all hair types. Due to the light texture it is perfect for thin hair because it will not overburden it. With water-based formula, the cream is very easily washed off. Can be used as a standalone product or as a base for further styling.

  •          Provides light hold
  •          Underlines natural shine
  •          Delivers texture
  •          Makes hair styling easier
  •          Easily removable through washing
  •          Doesn’t leave any marks on the hair

Water-based, thanks to which it has a light, non-stressing formula. At the same time it contains beeswax, which gives it an elastic consistency. Beeswax nourishes and strengthens hair, adding shine.

How to use: Apply on dry or damp hair. First, rub it between your fingers and then style hair as desired using your hands or a comb. For a stronger hold, use the cream as a base, and then apply a selected Reuzel pomade.

Results: Gentle hold. Palpable texture and easier styling.

We recommend using in combination with other products from the Reuzel portfolio, which will provide best styling for your hair.

Reuzel is a cult barbershop brand originating from the Netherlands. The company is distinguished by its huge passion for tradition, classic haircuts and care rituals. The name is derived from “lard”, which was once used for the production of hair pomades. The Reuzel pomades are known on the market as pink, green, red and blue “pigs” due to their distinctive packaging.

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