REUZEL Aftershave 100ml

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Reuzel aftershave is designed for people who carefully take care of regular hair removal from the facial skin. Unfortunately, when shaving with traditional methods, cuts can often appear and the skin can be severely irritated. Reuzel Aftershave is the perfect cosmetic to protect your skin after a daily ritual. It contains disinfectants that prevent folliculitis and irritation. In addition, it moisturizes the skin of the face, giving a feeling of comfort and flexibility.


  •          Protects against irritation
  •          Moisturizes
  •          It has a disinfecting effect
  •          It makes the skin elastic
  •          It smells sensually
  •          Refreshes
  •          Seals blood vessels


The nettle leaf in the liquid disinfects all microdamages very well. After each use, users notice the fantastic fragrance of the product, which is very durable. Typical male wood fragrances that stimulate action from the morning are highly appreciated. In this case, Reuzel used the scent of sandalwood with refreshing citrus.


How to use: Rub a small amount of the liquid in your hands and pat it into the skin of your face after shaving


Result: Sanitized, refreshed and fragrant facial skin

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Reuzel is a cult barber brand originating in the Netherlands. The company is distinguished by a great passion for tradition, classic haircuts and care rituals. The name comes from “lard” which was once used to make hair pomades. In the market, Reuzel pomades are known as pink, green, red and blue pigs because of their distinctive packaging.

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