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Hair care is not only about the right selection of cosmetics, but also proper combing of hair with a good-quality brush, such as the one offered by Olivia Garden. Take care of yourself in a few steps by providing yourself with the highest quality hair accessories from this iconic brand!

How does the OLIVIA GARDEN hairbrush work?

  •          It has an ergonomic shape,
  •          Massages the scalp,
  •          High-quality synthetic bristles combined with boar bristles,
  •          Has a removable skewer,
  •          The handle is ergonomic and easy to hold,
  •          Hair becomes voluminous and shiny without the effect of frizz or static.

How to use: Brush your hair dry and wet.

Result: Detangled strands, full of shine and volume without static or breaking strands.

Discover the entire range of hair care products to ensure a perfect hairstyle every day with the help of professional accessories.

The Olivia Garden Nano Thermic product line offers professional hair styling and styling brushes. Thanks to the appropriate structure and the use of innovative production technology, they facilitate the styling of the hair while taking care of its condition and protecting it.

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