OLIVIA GARDEN CERAMIC ION Ceramic styling brush with ionization

48.97 inc. VAT

If you want to take care of your hair professionally, make sure that the care is carried out correctly from the very beginning. It is important not only to nourish and moisturize, but also to properly comb the hair in such a way that it is not tangled, irritated and damaged.

How does the ceramic styling brush from Olivia Garden work?

  •          The round brush makes styling easier,
  •          It allows you to thoroughly comb the entire hair,
  •          Great for arranging strands with a dryer,
  •          Prevents tangling and frizz,
  •          Resistant to high temperatures and water,
  •          It does not pull strands and has an antistatic effect.

How to use: Using a hair dryer, thoroughly brush and style your hair, adding volume.

Result: Fluffy strands, properly disciplined and arranged, without tearing or tearing.

Discover the entire range of hair accessories from Olivia Garden to ensure that they are gentle and professional every day, all in the comfort of your home bathroom.

Olivia Garden was founded in Belgium in 1968 by Jean and Cathy Rennette . The brand boasts many years of experience in designing modern hairdressing products, created to provide professionals with the highest quality hairdressing accessories and comfortable working conditions.



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