OLIVIA GARDEN AURORA VIOLET Brush for detangling thick and normal hair

21.42 inc. VAT

Inspired by the wonderful colors of the aurora borealis, the Aurora thick hair brush allows you to easily and gently detangle thick strands. Thanks to special spikes, it facilitates detangling the strands, while taking care of their condition and condition. Perfect for dry and wet detangling. It has an ergonomic shape and a beautiful, metallic look that make it a pleasure to use.

  •          Makes detangling easier
  •          It helps to detangle your hair
  •          Takes care of the condition of the strands
  •          It has an ergonomic shape
  •          It has beautiful colors inspired by the northern lights

How to use: When your hair is very tangled, start combing the strands from the ends, slowly going to the roots.

Result: Perfectly detangled hair. The locks are in perfect condition.

We recommend using other Olivia Garden accessories that will complement the styling treatment and ensure a perfect finish.

Olivia Garden is a well-known and appreciated brand on the cosmetic market that produces professional brushes for modeling and styling hair. Thanks to durable high-quality materials, appropriate structure and the use of innovative production technology, they facilitate styling of the hair, while taking care of their condition and protecting them from damage.

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