NIOXIN 3D Protective foam treatment for use after coloring 150ml

21.07 inc. VAT

If you want your hair to look not only beautiful, but also strong and healthy, it is worth taking care of its protection during the process of coloring the strands. Proper treatment of the strands will enable safe dyeing and the hair will not be burdened.

How does a post-color protective foam treatment work?

  •          It merges hair cuticles,
  •          Protects against brittleness and drying out,
  •          Smoothes,
  •          Regenerates,
  •          Closes the scales,
  •          It also has a thickening effect and stimulates the hair follicles,
  •          The strands become strong, smooth and moisturized, and at the same time resistant to chemical treatments.

How to use: Apply to hair after coloring, after removing the paint, before washing.

Result: Hair visibly strengthened, full of shine and protected!

Get to know the entire series of cosmetics from NIOXIN to enjoy healthy-looking hair and professional, comprehensive care every day.

Nioxin is a brand of products for combating hair loss. Its founder, Eva Graham, struggled with this problem herself, which inspired her to learn more about the health of hair and scalp. Over the decades of operation, Nioxin laboratories have developed comprehensive hair care repair systems that have won numerous industry awards and help customers around the world.



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