NACOMI NEXT LEVEL Cleansing face tonic 100ml

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Nacomi cleansing tonic Next Level was created for the care of skin with imperfections. Thanks to carefully selected ingredients, the tonic perfectly soothes irritations, tightens pores and regulates the production of sebum .

  •          It cleanses
  •          Tones up
  •          Eliminates imperfections
  •          It soothes irritations
  •          Narrows pores
  •          Regenerates
  •          Regulates the production of sebum

The tonic contains shikimic acid , grapefruit extract, salicylic acid and avocado extract, thanks to which it perfectly cares for dirty, oily skin with imperfections.

How to use: Apply a small amount of tonic on a washed face. Do not rinse.

Result: Cleansed skin and minimized irritation

It is also worth trying other Nacomi cosmetics Next Level, to provide your skin with comprehensive care every day.

Nacomi is a Polish producer and distributor of natural face, body and hair care cosmetics, operating on the market since 2012. The formulas of Nacomi cosmetics are based on ecological and organic raw materials, thanks to which they maintain the highest quality and safety. Initially, the brand’s domain was cosmetics for women, but now the company is expanding its offer with products for men and children.

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