NACOMI ANTICELLULITE & SLIMMING Slimming body lotion 150ml

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Innovative balm combating cellulite and reducing the effect of orange peel. The innovation of the product lies in the Nocturshape Blue Ingredient system, which works effectively especially at night. By using the circadian rhythm, it effectively acts on the protein through which fat cells are deposited in the body. It effectively fights these cells, slimming and reducing the circumference of the thighs by almost 1 cm in just two weeks. The studies were carried out on 20 women aged 20-45, where systematic use showed 90% effectiveness. The rich composition of the Shea butter lotion deeply moisturizes the skin and rebuilds the protective barrier. Glycerin, which has strong irrigation properties, binds water in the epidermis, thanks to which the level of hydration is optimal for a long time. Almond and macadamia oils intensively regenerate, firm and smooth the skin. Systematic use smoothes the skin, moisturizes and tones, and the problem of orange peel disappears forever.

  •          Effectively fights cellulite
  •          Firms the skin with cellulite
  •          Effectively gets rid of the orange peel effect
  •          To be applied especially at night
  •          Restores the optimal level of hydration
  •          90% effective
  •          Slims the figure

How to use: Apply the balm with circular movements onto cleansed and dry skin with cellulite. Leave until absorbed. The product works especially when used before bedtime.

Result: Restored skin firmness and elasticity, without the orange peel effect.

Nacomi is a Polish producer and distributor of natural cosmetics for face, body and hair care, operating on the market since 2012. The formulas of Nacomi cosmetics are based on ecological and organic raw materials, thanks to which they maintain the highest quality and safety. Initially, the brand’s domain was cosmetics for women, but now the company is expanding its offer with products for men and children.

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