MIMO Purple Nail Buffer, 100/180

0.91 inc. VAT

The straight double-sided nail buffer with 100/180 grit is perfect for shaping and buffing the nail surface, preparing it for a further nail treatment.

  • Smoothens and aligns the nail plate
  • Allows you to reach in hard to get nail places
  • Made of high quality material
  • Can be washed and disinfected

How to use: The fine grit side allows for smoothing and buffing the nail plate. The medium grit side is perfect for shaping the natural, gel and acrylic nails.

Tools For Beauty is a manufacturer of make-up, haircare and nail care accessories. The brand offers a wide range of products for professional and individual customers. The brand’s mission is to create a comprehensive portfolio of high quality products with modern and desirable design at affordable prices. Tools For Beauty stands out on the market by paying attention to details and understanding the customers’ needs.



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