MIMO Pear Makeup Sponge, Powder Pink

2.26 inc. VAT

The pear shaped makeup sponge can be used for applying both cream and liquid cosmetics. It allows to easily and evenly apply foundation or concealer. It is also perfect for applying powder when makeup baking. The sponge is latex free.

Product features:

  •          Convenient shape
  •          Ensures smooth coverage without streaks
  •          It expands when wet
  •          Does not absorb excessive amount of cosmetics
  •          Easy to clean

How to use:

The sides of the sponge are perfect for foundation application and distributing it on the skin. Light or heavier coverage can be built, depending on the desired effects. The tapered tip is great for precise tasks, like applying foundation or concealer in hard to reach areas.


How to clean your makeup sponge:

Soak the sponge in lukewarm water, squeeze it out. Apply small amount of mild detergent. Press the sponge against your hand and rub it to work the lather into the sponge. Rinse and squeeze out the sponge several times. Repeat if necessary. Wash your sponge after each use.


MIMO by Tools For Beauty is a series of makeup and manicure accessories. The wide selection of products combines unique design, functionality and good quality at attractive prices.

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