MILK SHAKE ACTIVE YOGURT MASK Natural Care Active Yogurt Mask Restructuring 250ml

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Milk Shake Active Yogurt Mask actively nourishes dry and damaged hair. Its formula is based on amino acids contained in yoghurt, which not only nourish but also beautify hair from root to tip. As a result, hair becomes soft and naturally shiny.

  •          Visible restoration of damaged hair
  •          Revival of dry hair
  •          Natural shine
  •          Soft and beautiful hair
  •          Comprehensive rebuilding of internal hair structure

Yoghurt proteins are responsible for giving hair desired softness and smoothness. Rice and Avocado oils slow down the process of cell damage and ageing. This is what makes hair shiny and beautiful. Natural ingredients, including honey, papaya extract and bilberry enhance the restoration effect. Integrity 41 complex effectively protects hair colour.

How to use: Apply a small amount of product onto towel dry hair. Leave for 3 to 5 minutes. Additionally, you can wrap your head in foil if your hair is badly damaged. After the specified time, rinse thoroughly.

Results: Healthy, moisturised and shiny hair

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The Milk Shake cosmetics company focuses on natural ingredients. The products offer includes hair care cosmetics based on milk proteins and fruit extracts. The brand has a range of hair conditioners, shampoos, masks, butters and oils dedicated to different types of hair. This combination provides powerful care that meets even the most demanding expectations.

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